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With  Arda Fındıkoğlu - director of the most prestigious events in the world of Backgammon - in Filicudi at La Sirena during the Award Cerimony of the First Tournament of the Mediterranean.
With the famous milanese gallerist Sergio Casoli, who hosted all of us with extreme generosity.
With Michihito Kageyama - professional backgammon player ranked #2 in the world - at the World Backgammon Federation in Venice in 2021. 

Valeria’s backgammon boards are art!

Michihito Kageyama
Professional backgammon player ranked #2 in the world

I have already planned where my artwork board will be exposed in Instanbul, between the very special awards of my whole career.

Arda Fındıkoğlu
Director of the most prestigious events in the world of Backgammon and member of the board of WBGF - World Backgammon Federation.

Thank you Valeria, you lit up the backgammon with new colours.

Marco Tamigi
President of CDBM (Milano Backgammon Club)  and member of the Italian National Backgammon Team 

I’ve just realise how amazing and special is the gift you made expressly for me.

David Franco

I’m amazed by how everything is thought in every detail.

Carlotta Garroni 
It's a board that resonates, 
you feel that it is handmade.
Leonie Castellain
Valeria is passionate about developing new ideas.

If you are interested in working with Valeria, 
please get in touch with us today.