A limited editions series of four boards, that represent the four universal elements underlying life: AIR, WATER, EARTH, FIRE. Each board represents its element through symbols and colors that recall the key characteristics: from flames to waves, from landscapes to the rays of the sun, each piece is carefully drawn and then painted with watercolor.
Each board is conceived, painted, handmade, signed and customised by the artist. 
Tested and endorsed by the world champion backgammon players. 

It was the perfect gift. Andrea was truly amazed.

Annemarie Sumi

La tavola è da visibilio, anzi io sono in visibilio.

Brunella Pandolfo

Thank you Valeria, you lit up the backgammon with new colours.

Marco Tamigi
President of CDBM (Milano Backgammon Club)  and member of the Italian National Backgammon Team 

I’ve just realise how amazing and special is the gift you made expressly for me.

David Franco

I’m amazed by how everything is thought in every detail.

Carlotta Garroni 
It's a board that resonates, 
you feel that it is handmade.
Leonie Castellain